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Dome Theater 

What is the Dome?

The Dome is a portable, inflatable 360-degree theater that incorporates a state-of-the-art projection, screen, and audio quality to maximize the viewing experience. It can be placed in locations with at least 14 feet high ceilings such as school gyms, aircraft hangars, shopping malls, community centers, churches, and many other areas. Additionally, the theaters are handicap accessible with an option for air conditioning.  Each dome can hold approximately 40 small children sitting side by side or 15 average size teens to adults standing. 


How does it relate to the Commemorative Air Force Mission?

The dome theater program has been designed as an exciting educational option to allow audiences anywhere to connect with and be educated on the story of the Tuskegee Airmen.  Focusing on minority voices from World War II and using immersive technology to enhance the storytelling experience, we hope audiences of all ages are inspired to rise above  the challenges they face, just as the Tuskegee Airmen rose above the challenges of their day to play a vital role in securing our country’s continued freedom. We encourage both CAF units and non-CAF related organizations to reach out to us to explore how you can participate in this high quality, dynamic education outreach program.

How can we access the Dome?


  • You will need to identify a designated, indoor area with floor space about 20 feet in diameter, height space of 15-16 feet, and a power outlet with 20 feet of this space.

  • The Dome is very heavy and set up/clean up is very labor intensive. Please have people ready to help. If possible, have something available (Cart, dolly, etc.) to move the pieces of the Dome. 



  • Option A: $500 fee maintenance fee, unit members come pick up the Dome at HQ, get trained on using it and then return the Dome after use.


  • Option B: $3,000-Dome is brought to the Unit event with operators. Operators stay and run the Dome and then return with the Dome.


All Dome requests should be received at least three months in advance.


Please email or call the Director of Education for the CAF, Dulari Mehta,, 214-330-1700, ext. 126




Rise Above Dog Tags to give to the kids and the Flight Plan for Life activity to complete after the Dome experience, can both be ordered with payment going directly to the Red Tail Unit.

Please contact LaVone Kay, Marketing Director,, (888) 928-0188.

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