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CAF Education

The CAF was founded to find and preserve World War II-era combat aircraft for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations. The CAF Education Department seeks to build on that founding vision with experiential, engaging programming that educates all on the stories of the World War II-era combat aircraft, inspires a new generation to explore the field of aviation and honors the sacrifices and values of the Greatest Generation. 


Our 11,000 members are the proud gatekeepers of a special story, told through flight, events and artifacts. The CAF Education initiative creates a platform for all CAF units and members to share creative and effective tools to reach more people with our important messages. We hope this website will be a useful tool to educate and build a successful program.  

HQ Education Team's Purpose

The CAF HQ Education Team is here to work with Units and communities to:

1. Provide support for the meaningful work done in education at the Unit level.  This covers a whole range of possibilities from assisting in planning an education day, to seeking out needed resources, to coming onsite to be helping hands and give feedback, to only name a few options.  Don't hesitate to contact us for anything!


2.  Build world class, STEM based hands on aviation programming for all ages that can be scaled and replicated, not only for use at the new National Aviation Education Center, but across all units and educational communities.

Benefits for CAF Units

YOU will strengthen your Unit when you increase meaningful volunteer opportunities and recruit new members as you educate others on the war birds and their role in our nation's history. 


YOU will inspire countless kids to aim high for their dreams and look to the aviation field for career choices fulfilling an ever growing need in our communities. 


YOU will honor the efforts and sacrifices of the Greatest Generation through the knowledge you share in your education program.


Background information on the War birds

The CAF is the world’s largest flying museum. With more than 165 flying World War II-era aircraft, we have accomplished a great feat of preservation, saving many of these airplanes from the cutting torch, or smelter. 


Our founders pledged themselves to the task of preserving an important part of our nation's history more than 60 years ago. The airplanes are not only a vessel for stories of the Greatest Generation, of courage, perseverance and dedication, but they are also monuments to those who paid the ultimate price to preserve our freedom. The airplanes were saved so that these stories could be shared, so that the lessons of the Greatest Generation would not fade away and be forgotten. When it comes right down to it – the airplanes were saved for education.

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