Welcome to CAF Education

The CAF Education Department is providing links and resources for parents, students and teachers to assist with home and online learning during this challenging time with COVID-19.

This list of resources and hands-on lessons will grow over the next while.  

Please feel free to share resources and lessons for us to post to help our communities continue with student learning.

Our focus is to provide activities and resources that will help students learn by doing.  Remember..."He who does the work does the learning." 


Productive struggle is a good thing to promote the mindsets that helped the Allied Forces secure our freedom and liberty.  The lessons & activities we have chosen require simple engineering design processes including problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, designing, testing, and redesigning.

Activities for
Early Learners


Lessons for Upper Elementary
Lessons for Middle & High School Students


Youth Interaction and Protection Policy
  • Training Video & Quiz

  • Background Check Application (fast and free)

  • Full guidelines and policies for youth programs


Contact the CAF Education support team with questions, ideas and feedback. Our collective efforts will ensure CAF continues to be a world-class leader!