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Youth Interaction and Protection


Protecting the youth who engaged with the Commemorative Air Force is a top priority. All youth who attend an event, participate in a summer camp, volunteer with an aircraft, or visit the hangar deserve the utmost respect. The Youth Protection Policy of the CAF is a starting point for all staff, volunteers, and members to safely work with youth. It is up to each CAF member to uphold the policies and procedures laid out in the Unit Manual.

The volunteers who are the life blood of the CAF are good and generous individuals who also expect protocols to keep their reputations intact. Units and the Commemorative Air Force itself have worked hard to earn the respect of their communities. For the protection of these groups, we must have a strong system of Youth protection. Ask yourself, what systems do you want in place for the adults working with your daughter, granddaughter, son or grandson?

For these reasons, CAF requires all unit officers and any volunteer working within an arm’s reach of a youth to:

  1. Watch the Youth Protection and Interaction Video. (7:31)

  2. Take a brief quiz after the training.

  3. Upon completion, you will receive an email with a link to complete a background check. Make sure to enter the GOOD DEED CODE when prompted)

  4. Apply for a criminal background check (free) with results usually sent to you within 24 hours (using our secure third-party vendor, Sterling Volunteers)


It's as easy as: 

Apply for a Background Check.  Check your email for a message titled "Youth Protection Quiz Results"  It contains the link & Code for this step.  

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