CAF Unit Museums

Connect with other CAF Units that are working hard to maintain museums for their communities. Reach out, collaborate and learn! Does your CAF Unit have a museum? Please contact us to include your information on this list!

Air Group One Museum

Features: Displays on World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm. Audio tour available online. 

Arizona Commemorative Air Force Museum

Carol DuVann, Business Office Manager

Features: Tuskegee Airmen, Women Airforce Service Pilots, local Arizona war heroes, Flying Tigers and the Dooliter Raiders, "bomber alley" collection and wartime artifacts.

CAF Central Texas Wing Museum

Clint Epley, Museum Curator

Features: Five themed rooms, aviation and military literature library, static aircraft on display 

CAF Florida Wing Stevens Education Hangar

Butch Stevens, Wing Leader

Features: Books, pictures, model aircraft, airworthy T-34

CAF Herber Valley Museum 

Features: Allied country uniforms, as well as armament, photographs, weapons and equipment from both Allied and Axis countries.

CAF High Sky Wing Midland Army Air Field Museum

Brent Collins

Features: Artifacts and aircraft related to the largest bombardier training school in the nation during World War II, including a focus on the impact of west Texans on the War effort. 

CAF Houston Wing Museum and Hangar

Sam Hoynes, Museum and Collections Officer

Features: Covers American, German and Japanese military history and homefront life during the War, and also includes a Hitler Youth knife collection.

CAF Lake Superior Squadron Armed Forces Museum

Features: 3,000 historic artifacts ranging from the Civil War to present day, vintage military vehicles and a flight simulator for kids.

CAF Maxine Flournoy 3rd Coast Squadron Museum of Military History

Pearson Knolle, Development Officer

Features: Collections of artifacts from local veterans, with each display including background information on the veteran. Long term goals is to create transportable displays to share with other CAF unit museums.

CAF Minnesota Wing Museum

Todd Loftquist, Museum Office

Features: Local World War II historical interests - gliders that were developed in the area, B-25 fuel tank conversion for the Doolittle Raid, the "Finding Loren P-47" engine and story, Desert Storm, German and Japanese War artifacts, the home front during the War, the restoration of Miss Mitchell, our B-25, PT-22, BT-13, L5, C17, motor pool vehicles. A a virtual tour is available on the website. The museum is also an authentic World War II training hangar where President George Bush Sr. trained.

CAF Missouri Wing Air Power Museum

Gerald Spavale, Education Officer

Features: Gallery with static and audio/visual displays, a historic hanger which was a World War II Naval training air station, three CAF aircraft and six World War II ground vehicles. The collection spans Allied and Axis items from all services.

CAF Red Tail Squadron Virtual Museum

Darcy Castro, Curator

Features: Six categories of images and information of artifacts housed solely online, including vintage writings, commendations, clothing, artwork, memorials, instruments and photos. 

CAF Rocky Mountain Wing Museum

Dorothy Dutton, Museum Curator

Features:  Focus on the history of the CAF, the TBM Avenger and World War II.

Robert E. Richeson Commemorative Air Force Cactus Squadron Museum

CAF Southern California Wing World War II Aviation Museum

Features: World War II aviation artifacts and displays, along with an aviation library.