Upper Elementary Lessons & Resources

Build a Plane Powered by Stored Energy

Build a plane that is powered by stored energy from a rubber band, balloon or spring. The plane should be able to fly straight for 5 feet.

Engineering an Airfoil

Build a wing that can generate lift

Deploying a Satellite

Build a satellite that can deploy its own solar wings and antennae

Engineering a Self Deploying Device

Build a device that opens up when thrown into the air

Make a Water Transport Satellite

Make a satellite that can hold a cup of water and does not leak during a bumpy rocket launch

Build a Helicopter

Build a helicopter that flies 10' in the air, stays up for 10 seconds, and carries a payload of 1 penny

Build a Soundmaker

Build a machine that makes sound waves by vibrating itself or the air around it

Building an Airplane Painting Machine 

Make a plane painting machine to draw a design on your airplane

Make a Hydraulic Machine

Make a machine that uses a fluid to move and can lift at least 10 pennies

Engineer a Fuel Level Detector

Engineer a sensor that can detect how much fuel is in your tank

Build a Lightweight Airplane Wing

Build a lightweight wing structure that is 12 inches long and can hold up a heavy load (weight) without deflecting.

Engineer a Communication Network

Plan and build a network to send communication in multiple directions to multiple people

Engineering an Air-Powered Spinning Machine

Build an air-powered spinning machine inspired by Boeing CST-100 Starliner.

Build a Rocket

Build a stomp rocket that can carry a ping pong ball and hit a target.

Design a Robotic Arm

Design a robotic arm that can move a variety of light weight objects from a table into a cup without using your hands

Hack a Box (Security Systems Engineering)

Build a box that only you know how to open and is safe from hackers

Engineering an Automated Wrapping Machine

Build a machine that can make a plane fuselage by wrapping a mold (just like Boeing's carbon fiber placement machines)

Engineering a Flow Control System

Build a system that controls the movement of material and shuts off automatically

Build a Long Spanning Wing

Build a wing that can support its own weight over a span of at least 2'